SRC 230 Restart System

Кофраж за стени

The SRC 230 restart system is a support scaffolding comprising brackets that form a work surface to support the casting being worked on. The system includes two brackets joined together by (wooden or metal) beams and bracings with pipes joined to each other. The brackets are anchored to the top of the structure using appropriate anchorages that transfer loads from the brackets to the construction itself. The bracket is equipped with a sliding cart on wheels that allows you to drag the casting about 75 cm. This allows you to work in absolute safety during both the panel arming and disarming stages.

wall formwork src230

The width of 2.30m brackets allows you to work easily and safely both behind and in front of castings. The entire module is comprised of brackets with underbridge and panels and can be lifted and moved with a single crane pull.
- Protrusion of walkway 2.30m
- Max movement of cart 75cm
- Maximum height of casting 5.40 m
- High support capacity of bracket to create very large scaffolding units and reduce the number of anchorings. This consequently saves time in restart operations.

wall formwork src230
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Кофраж за стени