Ecotop Slab Formwork

Кофраж за плочи

ECOTOP is a horizontal formwork system for c.a. floors with 80cm thick full floor members. The elements of the system are constructed in highly resistant aluminium and are therefore extremely light. This allows fast assembly. The system comprises layout beams, aluminium frame panels, drop heads and slot covers. The drop head allows you to disarm and remove the panels and beams quickly, depending on the thickness of the floor and resistance to concrete compressions. The shoring, with the drop heads and slot cover, stays in position until the concrete has matured and has sufficient resistance to proceed to the next stage in the construction cycle. The layout beams and panels can be reused following disarming to reduce the number of components used. None of the components weighs more then 15 kg in order to facilitate the assembly.

slab formwork ecotop
slab formwork ecotop

In standard configuration, the strut covers an area of 3.45 m2. The drop head is equipped with a quick release device with safety and so is fitted on the strut without bolts or pins and is easily unhooked by unlocking the quick release lock. The drop head allows simple advanced disarming and subsequent removal of frame elements and layout beams. Struts with heads and slot covers continue to work whereas struts with support heads can be removed and reused in the next stage.

slab formwork ecotop
  • 1. TD4V standard armed/disarmed head
  • 2. TPA beams
  • 3. panels
  • 4. slot covers

Type of drop heads

slab formwork ecotop

If there are closures around the pillars, use small, aluminium filling bars. Both wooden and aluminium filling bars can be used together. A thickness of 27mm must be maintained above the filling layout to allow a 27mm cover panel to be fitted. In all cases, the minimum permitted distance must be adhered to.

slab formwork ecotop
slab formwork ecotop
  • 5. First span
  • 6. Transverse span
  • 7. Longitudinal span
  • 8. Standard span
  • 9. Removal of Ecotop panels and fillings where there are pillars

A for residual lengths of 0 to 12cm, fasten the wooden filling bar to the first panels with nails before putting them into operation
B for residual lengths of up to 24cm use:
1. A CLA head/beam attachment and an armed CLA compensation beam
2. A GPH20 head/beam attachment and GPH20 beams. Frame formwork must be disarmed only when the concrete has sufficiently matured, in accordance with L.D directives.

slab formwork ecotop
slab formwork ecotop
  • 10. Residual length 0-12cm
  • 11. Residual length 12-24 cm
  • 12. Residual length above 24 cm
  • 13 - 14 - 15. Assembly of Ecotop floor - Serre construction site

Components can be stored in barrels

slab formwork ecotop
slab formwork ecotop
  • 16 - 17 - 18. The TD4V head allows you to rotate the direction of the TPA beams to create cantilevers for perimeter walkways and/or optimise the equipment.
  • 19 - 20 - 21. Ecotop assembly - Serre construction site

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Кофраж за плочи