ADATTO vertical formwork is available in steel and aluminium versions and is designed for castings used in walls, pillars, support walls, earth retaining walls and vertical-type castings. This formwork is distinguished in the field for outstanding characteristics of lightness, modularity, reliability and finishing. In terms of modularity, all panels, both standard and universal, have horizontal elements with 5cm drilled holes.

photo Adatto Vertical Formwork

COMAX vertical formwork is designed for castings for earth retaining walls, walls, pillars and vertical-type castings. Castings comprise a perimeter frame and welded CU beams with a constant pitch of 30cm, some of which are pre-drilled to a pitch of 5cm. A single, 18mm thick, Finnish, multilayered panel is fixed to the frame with self-drilling screws.This panel has a 220 g/m2 phenolic covering.

photo Comax vertical formwork

The CONDOR Omni system is a modular casting system that uses GPH20 wooden beams, steel currents and multilayer panels in contact with the casting. OMNI castings are castings for walls that can be adapted to any planning need, according to specific static and functional requirements. This is achieved by standard production components that allow any required configuration.

photo Omni Modular Formwork

The SRC 230 restart system is a support scaffolding comprising brackets that form a work surface to support the casting being worked on. The system includes two brackets joined together by (wooden or metal) beams and bracings with pipes joined to each other. The brackets are anchored to the top of the structure using appropriate anchorages that transfer loads from the brackets to the construction itself.

photo SRC 230 Restart System