The variability of the Multicom system allows it to be used in sporting, cultural and musical events. Staging, audio, lighting and production towers and galleries are just a few of the most common applications that can be created.Stages are created using standard MULTICOM elements that are characterised by easy and fast assembly.

photo Stage Scaffolding

MULTICOM galleries are ideal for various types of sporting events and open-air and indoor shows. Galleries are constructed with modular elements (side panels, beams, seat-holding frames, class 1, multilayer step table) and are fitted on a sub-structure involving standard MULTICOM system elements. Each module is 150 x 250cm and comprises two 250mm high steps.

photo Galleries

Similarly with the rest of the application, audio, lighting and production towers are comprised of standard elements of the MULTICOM system. The ease of assembly makes the MULTICOM system suitable for any shape or capacity.

photo Audio/Lights Towers

Public exhibitions and emergency situations very often require staircases and/or walkways that are easy and fast to assemble but that must also have suitable technical characteristics and capacities to allow the public to pass. The MULTICOM system allows you to create this type of application, shaping the mesh structure according to the required dimensions and loads in play.

photo Public staircases and walkways