CONDOR offers circular formwork for curved walls of variable radii (minimum interior 3.00m). The panel comprises various steel frames and an 18mm thick multilayer panel (100% birch) with 220 gr/m2 phenolic treatment on both sides. Modules are supplied straight before being altered at the construction site. They are attached to the curve radii with adjustments bolts on the back of the panel and using control templates to ensure that the correct curve is obtained.

photo Circular Wall Formwork Radius

Circular metal formwork for pillars ensures excellent visual finishing of the concrete. Circular formwork comprises two half pillars that are moved individually. This simplifies the auxiliary operations in creating the pillar. Circular formwork resists a fresh concrete pressure of up to 150 kN/m2. Formwork comes in 4 different heights that can overlap each other. This ensures that the required height of the pillar is achieved.

photo Circular metal formwork for pillars