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MULTICOM galleries are ideal for various types of sporting events and open-air and indoor shows. Galleries are constructed with modular elements (side panels, beams, seat-holding frames, class 1, multilayer step table) and are fitted on a sub-structure involving standard MULTICOM system elements. Each module is 150 x 250cm and comprises two 250mm high steps. The seat frame is 30 x 250cm and fits 5 propylene, monocoque seats that are available with or without backrests. Galleries are disengaged from stairs comprising rectangular steps with an anti-slip tread surface. This surface is 150cm side and 12.5cm high and has a tread of 37.5 cm. Side and rear railings are constructed in galvanised steel and have a minimum height of 100.5cm. They are suitable for supporting a horizontal spine, acting on a 150 kg/m railing. Galleries can support their own weight plus a distributed overload of 600 kg/m2 as well as the load specified by standards in force (9217 and subsequent integrations). Tread surfaces are constructed in (class 1) anti-slip, multilayer, birch, fire-retardant material. These surfaces are dark brown and 18mm thick. Galleries are supplied with a suitable rain water draining system.

ponteggio multicom tribune
  • 16. Terme di Caracalla gallery (ROME)
ponteggio multicom tribune
  • 17. Teatro Putignano gallery (BA)

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