year 1980 At the beginning of the 80s Alfonso Petrosino, founder of the group holding the same name, and already a builder bought the major parcel of shares of the SKY EDILAGRO, a company which is still dealing with the distribution of building equipment to the building companies in Campania.


year 1991 In 1991 CON.DOR was created, a company producing scaffolding, that from its start invested in systems based on excellent technology and in human resources and was able to put together a team who can boast many years experience in the sector. With a rapid succession of events a solid and motivated net of sales was formed which put itself forward to the distributors of the sector and achieved its first five million lira over the first six months of activity. The research for an ideal dimension started, that is for what allowed to use to the full the economics scale linked to the process of production and sales. It was at this point that looking for a new space, in which to carry on the production, became strategic.


year 1997 In 1997 the production was moved to Conza della Campania in the province of Avellino, where the production still takes place in two factories with a total of 35,000 sq. m. These were magic years when the whole company was involved in an thrilling process of growth which reached its peak over the delicate passage from 10 to 30 million lira of proceeds of sales in one financial year. This young company began to cultivate the culture of continuity giving value to listening to and to the respect of roles.


year 1998 The emphasis on the future concerned, above all, entering new markets and the control variables were focused on the reliability of new productions, rather than on the existing ones, which continued to give guarantees both in terms of operative profitability and future development. The continuous sharing of opinions with the contractors of the sectors brought to our attention the possibility of acquiring the branch of a company producing small building machinery. CONDOR snatched the opportunity and with renewed enthusiasm the brand OBIM was born, which from September 2004 has widened the range of the products with building site garages and prefabricated monoblocs.


year 2000 The investments straddling the second half of the 90s and early 2000s in the section of constructions favoured the strengthening of the production of the big companies of the market and this made the possibility to offer the product wider than in the past. There was then a need for a better capillarity in the distribution. It was from this assumption that the need to find a productive space in the North West arose. In this context the opportunity was created to acquire the only company producing scaffolding in Piemonte, whose brand is EDILCOMEC , the operation was made possible by the lack of an heir. Though this brand had been in the market for more than thirty years it was little known if not unknown outside the region, so putting it alongside the brand CONDOR appeared as the winning strategy. The two teams immediately started to work in unison stimulating each other. The direction of the group became clear.


year 2004 The success of the operation EDILCOMEC drew the attention of the market towards similar operations. In December 2004 the acquisition of the whole packet of shares of REDAELLI, a company of Lecco known in the national market for its activity of pressing as well as producing scaffolding and in the North European market for its production of props, which were made with a passion for quality , was made concrete. This further acquisition implied a tonnage of 30,000 tons tubes in movement every year.

year 2004 The need was felt then to make this production vertical, at the moment it takes place in a factory of 10,000 sq.m. in Nocera Inferiore in the province of Salerno, where high technology systems are used for the production of the tube: this process is at the end of the production line upstream the process. The headquarters of Petrosino Group was moved to Nocera, which with its 80 million euro sales, 230 workers within seven establishments, became one of the first three leading companies in this sector..

year 2004 The consequence of this grouping was the achievement of great economics of purpose: reduction of the costs due to the centralization of the administrative functions, the use of the same computer language and more efficient control functions.


year 2005 Our future objective was to increase the visibility of the group brand which was supported with a three-year plan of investment in publicity, conferences and public relation activities which were entrusted to a newly established internal office. The excellent economic results, which have been achieved up to now, have allowed investments in the field of research and development, which showed their first results in the identification of new reference sections.

year 2005 The CONDOR GROUP has recently become the supplier for modular stages and stands entering the interesting sectors of sport and performance and of the hiring of scaffolding and equipment for building together with the CONDOR EVENTS branch.


year 2006 In 2006 the Group began expanding internationally with the opening of the Condor France branch.


year 2007 In 2007 the formworks line was launched. The Group further expanded its range of products with the introduction of the 'cassatura' system which quickly proved to be a great success with clients.


year 2008 The year 2008 marks the further growth of CONDOR internationally.


year 2010 Opened at the end of 2009 in Belgrade, the Condor East distribution centre reached full operation in 2010, consolidating the presence of Condor in ex-Yugoslavia and proposing itself as a valid alternative to other producers already present in the Balkans.