Circular metal formwork for pillars

Circular Formwork

Circular metal formwork for pillars ensures excellent visual finishing of the concrete. Circular formwork comprises two half pillars that are moved individually. This simplifies the auxiliary operations in creating the pillar. Circular formwork resists a fresh concrete pressure of up to 150 kN/m2. Formwork comes in 4 different heights that can overlap each other. This ensures that the required height of the pillar is achieved. Overlapping is achieved using rings with a bolt that also comprise the grab point of the lifting accessories.

The diameters of the castings vary from 25 cm to 120 cm. The support seats with a fastening allow you to stack the castings and save storage space. In correspondence to the pillar junction, the metal cover protrudes to allow a sealed closure. This prevents the concrete from leaking. In addition, each element of the pillar is equipped with attachments for support struts. The support platform ensures safety and a significant advantage in terms of reducing operation time of use of formwork. Thanks to the protective parapet that can be inserted it is possible to work in safety on a single half- platform.

circular formwork for pillars
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Circular Formwork